August 12, 2009

2 1/2 months as a seller on Etsy

I love Etsy so much!!! It is such an addiction, ahhhh!!! ^_^ but now, I have to not chat it up so muchy soon as school will be on my butt all day. Bleeeeh. I wish my summer was longer x___x wah. Makes me want to stay at CSULA, but I'm done there. Welpz, plan on making more earrings soon and launch Royal Desserts II next year! yay!!! it will have pearls and rhinestones this time instead of glitter. Okie, I just spoiled it xD dang!

As for Etsy, sales are still the same way xD Get lots in beginning and ends of months. Another happy note, I GOT 100 HEARTS NOW!!! YAY!!! Well, more like 102, but still, yay! ^__^ and I feel I'm SLIGHTLY getting better at photos...slightly. When school starts, I won't be creating much new things. I'll still do custom charms of course, that is my job in the first place =]

:O oh yea, about my video, dun make fun of my voice >[! I was just born that way. Oh yea, and my Royal Desserts are FREE SHIPPING for now till Sept 3 ^__^ They need homes! I have only a few left and they were created like in April!

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