August 12, 2009

No more Paopus

Sorry folks! The last paopu set was SOLD! Hooray! Because it's my 1st sale of August, and wah, because that's the last paopus I'll have until January [unless someone BEGS me to make some more xD heehee]. Sorry to those who wanted paopus. If I have a big order of them, I'll make them earlier than winter. I plan to make paopus seasonal, as intended.

Soooo, I thought maybe making Royal Desserts FREE SHIPPING, isn't enough to celebrate my joyous 3years with my hunnie, well, I thought of making all my other items $1.00 shipping!!! holy cow!!! And for outside of U.S., $2.00 xD

ENJOY IT NOW FOR IT ENDS SEPT 3! A day after my anniversary =^__^=

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