August 11, 2009

Swap Party

This isn't a very Etsy or seller related topic, but I thought I'd share it. I held a swap party last weekend with some chick friends ^__^ The goal was to clean out our rooms and bring any stuff that is in good condition and you didn't need. It could be clothes, accessories, whatever. So the girls came and we had some snacks. We piled all the stuff unto a table and just grabbed whatever we wanted =] It was neat! I got some cool earrings a friend didn't want, and I plan to wamp it up to sale. She knows my motives xD Atleast it's going to be put in good use! I also got these cute jumbo nerdy glasses and a Hello Kitty shirt! I think anyone who needs to get rid of stuff they don't need, a swap party is an awesome way to get rid of things! heehee, you give some, you get some ^__^

On another note, I'm sad my boyfriend is leaving me for Mexico for a family vacation xD I'm such a selfish girl! I haven't been not calling, txting, seeing him like crazy for the past week or two,lol. He leaves next Thursday. He sucks.

Better happy note, I made Hello Kitty earrings! I'll have more made during school time. But these are my only ones so far:

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