September 30, 2012

Quest for Tokidoki sale!!! + Chibi's special friend ^_^

I heard the news couple weeks ago that Tokidoki was doing a warehouse sale on some of their stock! I kept debating whether to go or not due to the distance and me freaking out at driving to new places and getting lost ^_^; I wanted to get something for Spazzy since his birthday was coming.
We're both pretty big fans of Simone Legno and his Tokidoki work (you can read our past blog of our adventure of meeting him! ). I couldn't hide this secret and each time I saw it on Facebook of their announcement, I had to ask Spazzy to take us there, heehee. It was a 2-day sale from Friday 10am -2pm, and Saturday the 29th from 9am to 2pm. We decided to go on Saturday and bright and early!

It was going to be a long day. We were getting ready at 5am! I know our tummies would need some breakfast, so I prepared us some Eggo waffles and scrambled eggs. My plate (pic at right) all thrown together sloppy ^.^; I made Spazzy's plate a little more pretty but he was already eating while I took this shot, haha. We left the house at 6am~ We did some stops like getting gas, a 5hr energy shot, soda, and an atm @_@; We hit the freeway little before 6:20am.

We got to the area 7am and parked a street away since there was already no parking near the warehouse, and there were some people in line. We got to the line at 7:10 am. In the picture, the yellow arrow is where the first person is ^_^ so we weren't that far. Spazzy and I huddled and play games on our iphone and DS. By 8:30am, the line has already curved around a school and to where we can see...and then by 8:50am, the line has already wrapped around to the other street! At 9am, we were let in by small groups. They gave us clear shopping bags ^_^ A lot of girls ran towards the purses. I found one purse I liked that was $100 off! I let it go though as I thought I had too many clashy Tokidoki purses T_T; but now I regret it cause it was quite a steal AND a carnival theme. There were mostly Marvel themed stuff and some of the Pride Lions.

Spazzy and I got real lucky finds! I was able to snag this Spiderman getting bit by Bastardino tee! This shirt is usually hard to get online or in stores~ So I'm pretty satisfied. The birthday boy picked out a nice hoodie with his two fave: Adios and Spidey. His hoodie was about $60 and it was $20, while my shirt is $12. I didn't get another shirt for $8 more T_T;

The sale is amazing! Shirts were cheap, hoodies were a steal, so were purses! but wow girls were clutching them with their life! and hats at $15~ Best part is it was tax free ^.^! I really really hope they do this again next year! I'll be sure to bring more cash >:] pweehee and really take advantage of all the savings. Well, here is my current Tokidoki obsession collection:

 (Not pictured is my TokidokixHelloKitty mug and Yogurtland spoons)
HelloKittyxTokidoki pink wallet
SkullCandyxTokidoki earphones and baggy
MarvelxTokidoki Spidey getting bitten by Bastardino tee lol
Moofia Gang print tee
Ciao Ciao riding on Bellina unicorno hoodie
HelloKittyxTokidoki head purse
iPhone 3GS hard case
HelloKittyxTokidoki business card holder
Celebration Purse (the one with Pluto)
Spiaggia Purse (middle)
Famiglia Purse (behind iphone case)
HelloKittyxTokidoki black cactus purse
 Unicorno- Bellina vinyl toy
Unicorno- Pogo vinyl toy
Mozzarella vinyl toy (signed by Simone Legno)
Ciao ciao vinyl toy
Mozzarella Plushy
Unicorno Plushy
Camo backpack (not sure of the exact name)
When it comes to brand purses, I always prefer Tokidoki ^_^ Hopefully they do the sale again next year ^__^ They really planned it out smoothly and kept the line flowing at a good pace.

New subject! Meet my special bowfriend Kat! She is the owner of Lolita Chiquita ^_^ She sales lots of cute things with her sidekick and sweetheart. We met at a tea place around February and we just stared at each other. I guess it's a lolita thing, lol. And then re-united at Frank and Sons (a warehouse filled with vendors selling game cards, collectibles, etc) and became friends and go to tea together ^.^!

Her stuff is so cute and easy on the wallet. Everything is so whimsical and fun ^_^ I decided the same day to give her her trade (we traded stuff lol) and take some snoopz of her table to share to you sweeteas! I can't wait to see her again and the stuff she makes ^.^!
Till next time sweeteas! 

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