June 25, 2009

1st Destash! w00t w00t!

Yay! Made my first couple sets of deco goodies! Well...just one kind xD heehee. I made little pink heart biscuits! I made a kazillion for myself and to sale.
They're $3.50 for a dozen :3 They come in etheir pink or light brown. I have posted up the pink ones on Etsy and will post brown maybe tomorrow or the day after xD yay!!!

I'm enjoying my summer break very much ^_^ I'm working on stuff and stocking up for my litto shop, and having fun~! Can't wait till July to have $$$ to buy more supplies [not a whole lot,lol bf will be mad sorta] and deco my phone again! Welpz, time to kick my bf's butt in Halo3, AGAIN! heehee, just like yesterday :3

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