June 22, 2009

Something new in le Etsy Shoppee

Sooo...I made a new category ^_^ It is called, "Weekly Special" where I list an item for a week or two and have something special about it like BOGOF, Free Shipping, lowered price, etc. Yay! Been 1 month of being a seller on Etsy and made 8 sales! It sounds a lot to others, so I believe I did well =] Can't wait till July...MAJOR SUPPLY SHOPPING! Will only spend about 40ish bucks ^__^; BF cannot be mad at me!

By July, I'll be working on hime goodies :D because I've always wanted to. I'll be making quite a number of things because school will be hectic again~! In celebration of being an Etsy seller for a month, I'm giving away a special secret item that I've made related to deco hime stuff! These items will be released mid-late July ^__^ hooray! So 1st Buyer of my 2nd month of selling, will recieve this free gift~! Excludes clearance and weekly special items.

I'm poop'd...mommy took me shopping today at Santa Anita mall :3 I MUST GO BACK THERE!!!AHHH!! I love love loooove shopping ^_^ Boyfriend is comming over later to help me package some teddy bear cabochon for the promo thingy.



Ann said...

wahhooo!! Deco hime!! :D I'm doing that too.. but mostly deco-den. *sssshhh, don't tell!* totally addicted to it.. :D

Best of luck to you!! Keep up the good work!

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Your stuff is adorable!