August 16, 2009

Friend getting married! More Earrings?!

Yeeep! My awesomest friend is getting married! She introduced me to Etsy too ^_^ This is her shop: ^__^ and she's getting married! Today! It's wtf o clock, 1:28am and I'm doing my nails xD I knew her since 7th grade ^_^ and now, we're like in our twenties and she's the first to get married x] She also has an adorable baby :] I cannot wait to go to church and attend the wedding! In celebration of my friend getting married, I boosted up the promotion to be FREE SHIPPING at any IK store, including my Etsy :D woohoo! This is only up till SUNDAY NIGHT, THIS! Also, for any items that I say I only have 1 of an item and color, it really means GET IT NOW. xD I Locally sold the pink bear and white bunny to a friend, and she didn't know it was on Etsy. I didn't think it would sale o_o; Sooooo, maybe I will make more, btt it will have to wait T.T Because my mother of all decoden is going back to Japan :] I love her.

Noooow, here are some new stuff I made! yay!

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