August 19, 2009


my sweetheart is leaving tomorrow *sniffles* Today he says he's doing something EXTRA special for me. I hope it's crepes with ice cream and strawberries and natella =^.^= heehee. He's going to Mexico and won't be back till Aug 31st...and our anny is on Sept 2 O_O I'm still sad he's going ;__; gives me time to make his gift. I'm making him a munny montage of our looooove =^_^= Also get my school registration straight. I may have to go back to CSULA [kinda hope so so I would go back Sept 24! means more Etsy time!]. I just need Micro and physio before Marcho. Anyways, I made a little colorful drawing of Imperfect Kawaii:

and yes, I'm a HUGE TOKIDOKI FANATIC! I has 3 purses, 2 outfits, 2 vinyls, and Mozzarella plushie x] I know not much! I also decorate my purikuras hardcore too like this drawing xD checky:

I deco'ed the "Simple and Clean" one...and my bf did the boring purple one xD haha...totally different.

I'll miss him so muchy =[

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