August 17, 2009

Update Update Update!

So the wedding was small and awesome =^__^= I'm so happy for my friend :3 She looked soooo gorgeous in her dress! One of my friend called me a Fairy Princess due to my outfit...long white skirt with ruffles, pink ruffle top, and a flower crown that my boyfriend bought me from the Renaissance Fair a year ago ^.^! The cake was soooo delicious! I had an equivlant of 4 slices! I had 2 big slices n_n teehee. I am like L from Death Note, like sweets so muchy!

Okie! Imperfect Kawaii Update!

~Free Shipping promo ended few mins ago xD person took advantage and from the UK! O__O oh em gee! I have only shipped to APO once xD and mostly USA. I'm going to do it by post office and get a tracking # cause I am scared but wanna try.

~Winners of my lil giveaway, please be patient, I'm waiting for a few boxes to arrive to me from USPS website...hopefully I get them. If I don't get them by Sept, I'll punch something. JK, I'll buy a box myself xD

~Store promo went back to $1.00 shipping for USA and $2.00 for everywhere else :D ends Sept 3 soooo get at iiiiit!

~I'm not creating anything new right now due to school's comming, and I have to work on my boyfriend's's a Munny. Don't know what it is? Check ^__^

~Expect more new stuff like after Christmas xD CUSTOM CHARMS are welcome! So go ahead and leave me a litto something to do so I don't get rusty on clay :3

I think that's all for now :] ttfn!

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