August 20, 2009

Thinking of you wherever you are

and there goes my Mooshy Bean Prince off to Mexico. *sniffles* I miss him so muchy! He supports me so much on my charms ;_; he makes the hooks for the charms and estimates the prices for them xD *sighs*. He took me out to dinner and to cuddle. We had In-n-Out ^__^ nyummy!!! If you don't live in Cali, sorry xD buuuut, come visit!!! It's great burgers!!! Plus, I'm here and like to chill when I'm not burried in books! After that, we went to Joghurt, a self serve yogurt bar :3 Mmm, I had lots of oreos and cookies, and he had fruits in his. It's Happy Hour after 10pm ^__^ pretty neat and cheap! :D Great deal! Then we cuddled...and now he's gone O.O! ;~; Oh dear, how does this relate to my shop? Ummm...^__^; he's like my secretary, treasurer, and hook maker. I made him something from Kingdom Hearts two years ago for when he had to go camping 4hrs away from where we are xD It's Kairi's lucky charm, except I used my boyfriend's hair style ^__^

-So the $1 SH is still going on, yay!

-I aim to ship out the giveaway prizes between Saturday-Tuesday

-I won't be on much anymore to chat xD My Etsy account is connected to my email which I look through my cellphone if any sale or convo arises. I'll miss everyone so muchy :[

-I have a few more things to post on Etsy, I'll post a few more before school starts or while it's light. But, won't have new-er things out till like after New Years xD heehee.

-I want cookies ^_^

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